Cilla Reviews: Slouch


Ok everyone, it’s bad review time. I promise to stay balanced as usual but there were just too many wrongs to make this right. It’s painful to write because I’ve been going to Slouch for years and I love it, but I’ve loved the bar and the late night snacks. This was the first time I had a proper sit down meal and it was an absolute shambles.

Before I go any further, I’ll tell you that I’d gladly frequent their bar area for a Hoxton gin and a 2am plate of haggis bites and I thoroughly recommend their cocktails. The spirit selection is fantastic and they do cracking £3 promos which aren’t just on the cheap shite, but really good rums, gins and more. So, positives first, now on to the negatives :(

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Cilla’s doing the 6:1.


We’ve all heard of the 5:2 diet and everyone’s Mum/Sister/friend from work is doing it. My Mum has been on it for a few months and has lost nearly 2 stone, but let’s be honest, that’s just because she’s cut back her calorie intake over a long period of time. I learnt a lot about healthy eating from Lucy and recently I’ve been totally focused and strict. Not the 5:2 though, I’m all about the 6:1 or the 7:0.

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Cilla’s OOTD


We all love a selfie and an #ootd post so here’s a few of mine from the past couple of weeks. I’ve been trying to refine my wardrobe for the move and I’ve even started to feel more comfortable having bare legs in the daytime. This is a completely different post than what I usually do but hey ho, let’s see how it goes down. Everything is linked unless it’s well old and doesn’t exist anymore in store/online.

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